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Gary's Action Marketing Plan


In this current market it is so very important to expose your home to the greatest number of buyers. Did you know that 92% of all buyers search for homes on the internet. For this reason alone I put a great emphasis on internet marketing. You will see that I not only put your home on many sites I also enhance your home on these sites. Of course my marketing plan also includes the more traditional forms of marketing. Here is a brief outline of my marketing plan. Please feel free to contact me for a personal interview and again thank you for visiting my site.

Phase #1 - Getting Started

  1. First, we will sit down together at your home and have an in depth discussion about your home and your future plans. I will also ask you for a tour of your home.

  2. I will offer suggestions regarding what you can do to make your home more show-able to perspective buyers.

  3. Upon my second visit I will present you with a comparative Market analysis to show you what is going on in the Oak Park / River Forest / Forest Park area real estate market.

  4. After deciding a reasonable selling price and filling out all necessary paperwork your home's real estate listing will be submitted to our MLS to be shared with all Realtors in Northern Illinois.

Phase #2 - Complete Floor Plans, Professional Photography and Video Home Tour

This cutting edge technology will be used to market your home on all real estate websites*

I want to welcome you to a new way of marketing your home. The PicturePlan™ imaging system captures actual floor plans and room-by-room photos. It is easy and effective. Accessible on the web, a PicturePlan™ home presentation package offers a convenient interactive home shopping experience for both local and out-of-town buyers. Over 90% of all home buyers begin their search on the Internet, and PicturePlan™ has proven to capture and retain the attention of those potential buyers over and over again. Please click here to watch a TV report about services offered by one of our licensed companies.

Why PicturePlan™?

... simply because it is the best marketing product available for your home.

Think of PicturePlan™ as an open house available on-line 24x7 and making every showing very effective. Make your property stand out and provide buyers with the detailed information they have come to expect from the Internet. Impress buyers with innovative presentation that features:

  • A realistic view of the property with "inside" feel and no image distortion
  • Accurate and detailed floor plans of the home
  • Multiple professional-quality interior and exterior photos. No fixed limit - we use as many pictures as needed to show off your home
  • Re-use of photos and dimensions for MLS and other marketing strategies
  • Visibility on Realtor.com Remax.com and dozens of other real estate sites that allow Virtual Tours.
  • Built-in interactive maps and satellite images
  • Printable Flyer with floor plan and photos
  • Comprehensive multi-page printable version
  • Also includes Virtual Tour movie of your home set to music.
  • Birdseye view of property
  • PicturePlan™ CD brochure with personalized label available
  • Custom internet domain for the property

    High Quality Photos

    This step I view as the most important step because it so affects the following steps in your marketing plan. This is the taking of high quality photos of your home. I view this so important that I hire a professional photographer to take the crispest and most colorful photos possible. Let's face it, that is what buyers are looking for: real estate listings with photos. Also, the way I see it, I am a Realtor and I really know next to nothing about quality photography. You are paying money to get your home sold and I am sure you want it to show at it's very best. I believe you will be impressed and so will your potential buyers!

Phase #3 - Internet Marketing

  1. The first website I submit your home to is Realtor.com. This is the most visited website in the world for buyers to search for homes. However, I do not just submit your property, I actually showcase it using all the bells and whistle they offer to make sure your home pops out from the others. I also subscribe to Realtor.com's "Featured Listings". Here your home will be featured on a rotating basis at the top of search page results. Out of the 500 plus agents in the area I am one of only a handful of agents who pay for this feature. So, when you are interviewing agents be sure to ask if they subscribe to the "Featured Listings" program on www.Realtor.com . One last thing that I do with Realtor.com is that in addition to the professional photos, I will add lots and lots of additional photos (at least 9 and up to 25 if you so wish me to do so.)
  2. The next website I submit your home to is Remax.com. This is probably the second or third most visited website buyers search for homes. As a Remax client your home will also be enhanced just like with Realtor.com. The Remax brand name is so widely recognized worldwide that many buyers are pre-determined to work with Remax. Can you see the great benefits of listing your home with Remax? Visit www.Remax.com to learn more.
  3. There are so many many more website that I submit your home to and here are just a few. Remember, I enhance your home on these sites too!.

Please note that the floor plan marketing section discussed above will be submitted to the following sites also:


Phase #4 - Traditional Marketing

  1. Office Tour - While internet marketing is King I still focus on the more traditional forms of promoting your home. Some of these areas are but, not limited to hosting a office tour of agents in my office so they can become familiar with the many benefits of your home.

  2. Broker's Tour - I will host a Broker's open on the first Tuesday after your home is listed. At this point I invite all the Realtors from the many offices to come and view your home so they can be informed for their potential buyers.

  3. Open Houses - According to the National Association of Realtors less than 1% of homes are sold through open houses. This is because serious buyers will have already been made aware of your home's listing through their agent or internet. However, if you so wish open houses I would be happy to accommodate you with them.

  4. Showings - I will on a regular basis follow up with agents who have shown your home and ask for feedback in regards to what the agent and agent's clients through about your home. I will share this information very bluntly with you.

  5. Networking - Being an Oak Park area Realtor for the past 16 years, a past president of the "Oak Park Area Association of Realtors", and past "Realtor of The Year" I am fortunate to know many area Realtors. Because of this I have a pipeline of people I can personally market your home to. This can prove to be a valuable marketing tool for the sale of your home.

  6. Market Updates - Through out your listing period I will review with you changing market conditions including but not limited to area property price changes, pending sales, closed units, etc... Based on the results of this information we will discuss statedgy for your home.

  7. The Offer - Once we get a contract offer for your home you can count on me to negotiate the best possible price and terms.

  8. Details, Details - Once we do negotiate a succseccsful purchase contract for your home you can again count on me to focus on all the details - details you are not even aware need paying attention to.

Any Questions? Any Comments?

Please contact me today to schedule a consultation for your home.

Let me get to work for you!

Yours In Service,

Gary Mancuso

Phone  (708) 819-3005
189 S. Oak Park Avenue
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