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Berwyn was really started by two real estate moguls who insisted there be a railroad station at Berwyn, when the railroad company refused, they built it themselves and the railroad agreed to stop there. As with any town, once the railroad set in it was just a matter of time for people to decide to stay and build up the housing and business communities. They name of the town came from a small town in Pennsylvania that the two developers wanted to model the city after. So on May 17th, 1890 the town of Berwyn Illinois was born. Lots of modern homes were being built and advertisements were sent to the Chicago newspapers boasting NO SALOONS and homes sales from $3,000 to $10,000! In 1908 Berwyn became an official city and in 1910 the population was 5,841. The housing growth moved on into the Roaring Twenties and well beyond. From 1920 to 1930 the population more then tripled at 47,000.

Berwyn is presently revitalizing the business district and they are up for the task! Check out employment options with the City of Berwyn. Berwyn has two school districts for elementary school age children within the city limits they include Berwyn School District 98 and School District 100. For High School there is Morton High School District 201 and for college Morton College District. Go to our schools page to find a complete list of school names and their websites.

Berwyn Public Library Youth Services has different rooms for different age groups and is located in the southeast corner of the library. The Primary Room, Young Adult Room, Middle Grade Section librarians are there to tell stories, help with school research projects and books and tapes in the media room.

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Another interesting facet of Berwyn is the Berwyn Business Development Corporation. They started in 1983 and are similar to a Chamber of Commerce. They are at this time not for profit, and they care deeply about the business community present and future. Berwyn Business Development Corporation is made up of business and government leaders in the area. Their website shows the economic growth of the area as well as articles about what local business people are doing to make a difference. All in all they are a very caring and committed group.

Today Berwyn has a healthy collection of the beautiful Chicago Style bungalows still standing and re-modeled. Some are one story and some are two. All or most have attics and basements. Depending on how much the original owner made at the time, decided if they would be a one two or three bedroom home. Decorative woodwork and stained glass windows can still be seen.

If you are interested in the older or newer homes in Berwyn, please give me a call or email me and we can take a look at what the market is yielding today! If you are interested in any one of our local communities please contact us today!

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